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Eric Strange Testimonial 

Eric has generated over 30 SIGN UPS into his business!

Eric has never built a network marketing company before so he was new to how to promote and build his business effectively using social media. Linsay marketing strategies helped him to get over 30 sign ups in to his business in 22 days, generated over 150 affiliate sales in addition to increasing his exposure on additional media platforms!

What Is The 30 Day Intensive About...

Get a personalized game plan from Linsay that will map out weekly assignments and strategies to implement with your social media.

Meet with Linsay 1:1 via Skype or phone for additional support and advice as well as
additional methods to help boost engagement and exposure.

Learn how to apply videos to your daily marketing to help get your story & message out to the world which in turn builds solid relationships & long term sales

How to increase your visiblity for your business, product, or service using social media more effectively to gain better results!

Learn how to keep your pipeline full for consistent sales and how to build a cult following that will buy from you over & over again!

Learn guerilla marketing tactics that Linsay has used to help you get in front of your ideal clients and possibly new business relationships

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Farzaam Earned Over $25,000!

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